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This morning I woke up looking for a meaning to my dreams and nightmares that woke me up petrified; furious dogs chasing me, high school teachers, favourite singers and lovers fighting turned to be the movie played inside my head. I never get to understand why dreams are so crazy, why we dream those things.My parents claim to believe each dream has a meaning, but I think it’s just our sub conscience, and others I want to believe in the significant my dad tells. Well, something is true, dreams and nightmares explore our imagination and help us create parallel worlds in our heads to makes us see our bubble in a different way.

Anyway, on my way to classes I was so lost in my thoughts trying to find an answer to the question that has been haunting me since I finished university, what am I going to do with my life?  I just want to be happy, you know. I don’t know if it’s too soon to say this, but I don’t really care about the money. My parents are so focus on to find me a job where I can make lot of money in order to have an stable economy and do not go thru what they did. Right now I am just trying to please them without breaking my dreams, nevertheless I am at the point where is hard to not do it.

And them on the way to training, sitting in the card I just wanted a sign, and a subtle one came in a BIG sign saying that my chance is in the USA, and then the song on the radio telling me to be true to me and follow my dreams, that life is about being happy and loyal to our selves with a not necessary perfect life.

Now I am just waiting for one last sign to take my bags and fly away to my dreams, if I cannot get it at time I would way for the right moment to try again.

For now, I am just sitting in front of my computer for like an hour trying to figure out why I am going to read a class I am not interested in.


Our Soulmate

It’s been a while since the last time I wrote, it’s not like I have had not nothing to share with you, but the time has been so short for me. Between graduating, my internship and lately helping setting up my cousin’s wedding and my grandma’s 90th birthday party I have been lost in doing memories but not so much writing about them.

Anyway this time I want to share something that has to be with one of the topics lines up. Our soulmate. Does he even exist?  Where we can find him? When are we going to find him? It’s the guy next door? As you, I have all those questions and hopefully while I am writing this I would be able to answer them. 

Our soulmate AKA Prince charming or Wonder woman is the one who takes breakfast to our bed even when we are up to get up, the one who says the truth thru everything, the one who think we are the most beautiful person in the whole universe inside and outside, the one who doesn’t mind if we are a terrible singers because he wants hear you any way, the one who sees the details without using lens, the one who light the whole room with his smile, the one who takes our breath away and make our hearts swell, the one who knows us completely because we don’t have secrets for him, the one who takes ballroom lessons just because he wants to take you to dance on Friday’s night, the one who stands the soap operas you watch because he knows it relaxes you, the one who would trade a football game for a family lunch, the one who loves you more than himself, your best friend. 

I truly believe he does exist and is somewhere out there dating the wrong girls, waiting for us. I won’t lie to you, I don’t know where we can find him or when we can find him, but something is sure, if we have faith he would come around to show us true love. 

To my dear Friend Sandy

Smiling I found you, when the sun was rising

Amicable you are to everyone who’s passing

Naturally you are caretaker of the people you love

Delightful are your heart, mind and soul

You are incredible, fantastic and divine

And i can’t believe you are friend of mine

It feels like I have known you for a lifetime

For sure I’d give for you all my dimes

Coz you shine so bright this world

you’re the light that can’t be shut down (oh no)

You are the warmth for the evil, with you I’d never fall

you are the strength for lonely souls, you are love 

And my heart breaks when I know you’re in pain

I suffer with you, feel needles ‘re part of rain

Now my wish is to heal you with a blown kiss from here

And keep you safe, your guardian I wanna be

I won’t keep apart from you, no more

Like a guard girl… gonna be at your door

when my angel in call you have become

all the sadness already have been gone

Coz you shine so bright this world

you’re the light that can’t be shut down (no)

You are the warmth for the evil, with you I’d never fall

you are the strength for lonely souls, for my soul

Coz you are love, you are loved

Smiling I found you when the sun was rising

And all you are to me is amazing

Tomorrow’s the NIGHT!!!

Good evening people out there!!!! Today has been a long day, I feel like I’ve woken up at 5 am, it must be because it was like that! ha! just kidding!! I woke up a lil bit late, but since the very moment I woke up, I just have sat to have lunch and well right now. I made breakfast for me and my siblings, I went to the mass, came back home to make lunch, left home for groceries and came back for clean up the house with my sister! it was too much!!!

Anyway, now I’m getting ready for my rehearsal for tomorrow Night!!! After being in a 5 weeks storytelling workshop I’m going to show what I’ve learnt so far!!! I won’t lie to you, I’m really really nervous!!!! my teacher says I judge myself so bad and it make me nervous and insecure, she says I’m great at telling stories and I should be more relax, she also says that the more we learn the more we criticize ourselves, well yeah! It’s hard to not do it as the first time when you have gotten more knowledge. But This time I gonna be free at telling my story and gonna try to relax. I’m so excited about tomorrow!!! We are also having a coffee break with the family members and friends that are coming to watch our presentation!!!! I can’t wait to hear the other stories!!!!! 

I just have to say this: I’m gonna do my BEST to make my STORY an UNFORGETTABLE one, it’s a deal!!!! 

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